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Keg Request

Stillmank Brewing has many keg options available immediately, but some brands can be seasonal or limited in availability.  We ask at least 3 weeks advance request for keg reservations.  We will do our best to have your request fulfilled as quickly as possible.

A few keys to your keg reservation and pouring great draft beer.

The keg (beer) must be cold!  Ideally in your glass at 36-38 deg F.  so please be sure you are able to keep your keg cold all the way from pick up the brewery through dispensing the last pint!

Dispensing beer from a keg requires a coupler and tap.  If you have the equipment already, great!  If not, we sell Pony Party keg pumps for $25 and it can be used for tapping and pouring beer from many kegs if taken care of properly.

We specialize in Quarter and Half barrels almost exclusively.  If you are in need of a sixth barrel, we unfortunately do not keep that size keg in our float.  However, we have found that in almost every circumstance if you can fit a 1/6th bbl our 1/4bbl will fit as well.

Details about keg sizes:

  • 1/2bbl is 23.25” tall X 15.5” wide, and holds 124 sixteen oz. pints (or 165 twelve oz beers)
  • 1/4bbl is 23.25” tall and 11.25” wide and holds 62 sixteen oz pints (or 83 twelve oz beers)
  • 1/6th bbls (for reference) is 23.25”tall and 9.5” wide and holds 40 pints

Current Brands that can be available can be found here on our taproom menu

Please fill out the below form for your keg requests and we can get back to you with availability and pricing.