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Honeymoon Mead

Mead, in the simplest terms, is wine made from honey rather than grapes. It often times shares a similar alcohol strength of typical wines, however as it is derived from fermented honey it has a distinct sweet honey taste and texture.

Mead is credited with being the oldest known alcoholic drink! Evidence of this liquid gold has been found predating beer and wine by thousands of years. There are records of fermented honey beverages dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Historically mead was believed to have a strong connection to fertility, making it a common wedding gift for centuries. The modern term “Honeymoon” is derived from the tradition of gifting the bride and groom a month’s worth (i.e., a moon cycle) of honey wine to continue to celebrate their marriage, bring great luck and increase the likelihood of bringing offspring! If the couple was successful in quickly bearing a child much of the credit was given to the mead itself. In medieval times it was believed that before a king was to wed his bride he should consume vast amounts of mead leading up to the wedding night in order to increase the chances of conceiving a male child, thereby keeping the crown in the family for the next generation.

Many stories and folklore live around this ancient beverage. However, we chose to craft this delightful beverage for the love of the taste along with the wonderful complexities of how it ages. The strength of the mead allows the bottles to not only remain preserved, but actually become better with age (as strength does with any great relationship!)


About our artisanal Honeymoon Mead – 

We source the finest locally harvested honey from Door and Kewanee counties. We purposefully ferment and care for this delicate yet strong beverage in our brewhouse and then let it age under ideal conditions. Our Honeymoon Mead is nearly 2 years old at the time of the first release. It is naturally gluten free and certified as such. It clocks in at a strong (even by Mead standards)16.2% abv and is bottled into 375ml bottles. We even sourced special corks for our Honeymoon mead! The cork is bound solely with bees wax and then carefully pressed into the bottles to create the most authentic package seal for our mead. Honeymoon is intended to enjoy right away or store for many years!

For our initial mead offering we have a limited number of five bottled varietals.
Available at this time is our Honeymoon (the original) and four additional iterations of Honeymoon aged on different woods and with different degrees of toasting (or wood char levels). Our wood aged bottles include: American Oak with medium toast, French Oak with medium toast, French oak with medium toast plus, and Sugar Maple with light toast.

We are thrilled to finally introduce our Honeymoon mead to the public! We hope you love it as much as we do. Cheers!