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Glass Apple Cider

– Crafted in Green Bay, WI – 

Glass Apple Cider

As approachable as beer, and as nuanced as wine!

Throwing back a pint of cider at a pub or cracking a can while watching a game feels just as natural as any barley and hop product! It’s very easy to drink, the ABV is mid-range, you don’t have to drink it out of fancy glasses or buy ice (though it’s pretty refreshing with ice if you are into that). It’s just simple, easy, and delicious.

There are many ciders out there from all over the world. They range from extremely sweet to very dry, some have such high acidity they’ll make you pucker, and some are almost creamy smooth. There are endless factors that influence the taste profile of a hard cider – from the varietal of apples, how and where they are grown, the strains of yeast used to ferment, and the production from press to packaging. This opportunity for variety means there is a cider out there for everyone!

Our aim through Glass Apple Cider is to create cider for our home here in Northeast Wisconsin. A cider that isn’t “sugary” but has a fruity sweetness that allows you to enjoy more than one. A cider made with natural ingredients, that has an “all seasons” appeal, an intense focus on quality control, yet a jovial nature in branding – because, well, we can’t take ourselves TOO seriously here in N.E.WI.

We hope you like it as much as we do!!!