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Perky Porter

Perky Porter

Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of our decadent creation, Perky Porter: a Milk Chocolate Coffee Porter. This indulgent brew showcases the harmonious blend of rich chocolate malts and the invigorating essence of locally roasted coffee beans. Every sip of this porter takes you on a journey through layers of deep, dark flavors. We have carefully selected a proprietary blend of locally roasted coffee beans from La Java®, ensuring that each batch is infused with the finest beans, expertly roasted to perfection. The result is a symphony of robust coffee notes that intertwine flawlessly with the smooth, silky milk chocolate undertones. This Porter is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and can be found at the top of Untappd’s best English Porters worldwide!!!



English Porter






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glass / tasting & parings:

Perky Porter, with its rich and robust character, calls for a glass that enhances its aroma and allows you to fully appreciate its depth of flavors. The ideal glassware for serving Perky Porter is a pint glass or a tulip glass. These glasses have a wide bowl that allows for the release of aromas, while the slightly inward taper helps concentrate the beer's aromatics towards the nose, intensifying the overall tasting experience. When it comes to food pairings, the roasted maltiness and coffee notes of Perky Porter open up a range of delicious options. Here are some food pairing suggestions that complement the flavors of Perky Porter: Grilled Meats: The rich and smoky flavors of grilled meats are a perfect match for the robustness of Perky Porter. Pair it with grilled steaks, burgers, barbecued ribs, or roasted lamb for a hearty and satisfying combination. Chocolate Desserts: Embrace the beer's profile by pairing it with chocolate desserts. The dark and roasty flavors of Perky Porter harmonize well with chocolate cakes, brownies, chocolate truffles, or even a decadent chocolate mousse. Aged Cheeses: The boldness of Perky Porter pairs wonderfully with aged cheeses. Consider enjoying it alongside sharp cheddar, Gouda, aged Gruyère, or even blue cheese to create a delightful balance of flavors. Smoked or Cured Meats: The smoky and savory qualities of smoked or cured meats complement the depth of Perky Porter. Think of pairing it with smoked sausages, bacon-wrapped appetizers, charcuterie boards, or even smoked salmon for a delightful contrast. Nutty Dishes: The maltiness and nutty undertones of Perky Porter make it an excellent choice to pair with nutty dishes. Try it with roasted almonds, pecan-crusted chicken, or a warm nut-studded bread for a delightful combination of flavors. Remember, these are just suggestions, and taste preferences may vary. Feel free to experiment and explore your own favorite pairings with Perky Porter. The key is to find a balance that enhances both the beer and the food, creating a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. Cheers to the richness and complexity of Perky Porter!