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Bock of the Future

Bock Of The Future

Introducing our award-winning Mai-Bock, a masterful celebration of the spring season, crafted with the finest Pilzen, Munich, and Vienna malts. This exquisite lager is then boldly infused with Wisconsin-grown Mt. Hood hops, adding a layer of intricate spiciness that elevates this brew to new heights.

Our Mai-Bock stands as a testament to the craft of brewing, a naturally crisp lager that embodies the essence of spring’s rejuvenation. Each sip unfolds a harmonious blend of rich maltiness and subtle hoppy undertones, creating a flavor profile that’s as refreshing as the spring breeze.

Helles yeah, it’s more than just a lager; it’s a beacon of the season’s arrival, a reason to gather and celebrate the thawing of winter and the promise of warmer days ahead. This brew is a wonderfully refreshing ode to spring, perfect for toasting to new beginnings and the joy of sunny days spent in good company.

Raise a glass of our Mai-Bock and welcome the spring with open arms. This award-winning brew is not just a drink, but an experience, capturing the very essence of the season in every golden, effervescent pour. Here’s to longer days, blossoming gardens, and the timeless tradition of enjoying a perfectly crafted lager.









glass / tasting & parings:

Pairing our award-winning Mai-Bock, with its rich malt complexity and the subtle spiciness from Wisconsin-grown Mt. Hood hops, demands thoughtful selection to enhance its naturally crisp and refreshing qualities. Here’s the perfect way to elevate your Mai-Bock experience through glassware and food pairings: Glass Pairing Tulip Glass: Ideal for our Mai-Bock, the tulip glass supports its foamy head and helps concentrate the malt and hop aromas, enhancing the sensory experience of each sip. The design allows for a good grip and observation of the lager’s vibrant color and clarity, celebrating the visual appeal of this springtime brew. Food Pairing Grilled Sausages: The rich maltiness of Mai-Bock complements the savory flavors of grilled bratwurst or sausages, making for a classic pairing that celebrates the arrival of spring. Roasted Chicken or Pork: The subtle spiciness of the hops pairs beautifully with the succulent, roasted flavors of chicken or pork, especially when accompanied by a side of roasted potatoes or root vegetables. Soft Pretzels: Embrace the brew’s German roots by pairing it with freshly baked soft pretzels served with a tangy mustard or cheese dip, balancing the malt sweetness with a touch of savory. Mild Cheeses: Choose mild, creamy cheeses such as Havarti, young cheddar, or Gouda. These cheeses will complement the Mai-Bock’s malt profile without overpowering its delicate hop balance. Apple Strudel: For a sweet pairing, the crispness of the Mai-Bock beautifully cuts through the sweetness of an apple strudel, enhancing the fruitiness and spices of the dessert. Salmon: The beer’s crispness pairs well with the richness of salmon, whether grilled, smoked, or baked, highlighting the dish's flavors without overwhelming the palate. Serving our Mai-Bock in a tulip glass and alongside these carefully chosen dishes can transform any meal into a celebration of spring’s bounty, making each sip and bite a harmonious encounter with the season’s freshest flavors.