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Door County Dry Cider

Door County Dry Cider

Indulge in the natural splendor of Door County, Wisconsin, with our Farmhouse-style “Door County Dry Cider.” Crafted from a selection of the region’s finest apples, lovingly grown in the bountiful orchards of Door County, this cider embodies the essence of the heartland’s harvest. A harmonious blend of Macintosh, Cortland, and Honeycrisp apples culminates in an unsweetened masterpiece that pays homage to the purity of the fruit. With each sip, you’ll be transported to a sun-drenched apple orchard, as this cider dances gracefully on your palate. Its light, crisp, and effervescent character makes it a true testament to the art of cider-making.


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To fully embrace the elegance of "Door County Dry Cider," we recommend serving it in a tulip-shaped cider glass. This glassware not only showcases the cider's clarity and effervescence but also captures and directs its inviting aromas toward your senses, enhancing your appreciation of its orchard-fresh bouquet. Here are some food pairing suggestions that complement the flavors of Door County Dry Cider: Farmstead Cheese Platter: Create a rustic farmstead cheese platter with a variety of artisanal cheeses, sliced apples, and crusty bread. The cider's apple notes complement the cheese's richness, while the crispness cleanses the palate. Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Chutney: Elevate your meal with succulent grilled pork chops accompanied by homemade apple chutney. The cider's apple character harmonizes beautifully with the chutney's sweet and tangy flavors. Arugula and Apple Salad: Embrace the cider's refreshing qualities alongside a crisp arugula and apple salad dressed with a light vinaigrette. The cider's effervescence matches the salad's liveliness. Chicken and Apple Sausages: For a delightful pairing, enjoy chicken and apple sausages with a side of roasted vegetables. The cider's apple essence complements the dish's flavors. Caramel Apple Dessert: Conclude your meal with a classic caramel apple dessert. The cider's apple notes enhance the sweet, caramel-covered apples for a comforting treat. "Door County Dry Cider" is an ode to the natural beauty and bountiful harvests of Door County, Wisconsin. Whether you're sipping it on a warm summer day or alongside a cozy meal, this cider offers an exquisite taste of orchard elegance. Raise your glass to the purity of the fruit and the craftsmanship behind this farm-fresh masterpiece. Cheers!