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Milk Stout

Milk Stout


“Indulge in the luxurious depths of Stillmank Milk Stout, an opulent black treasure glistening in your glass. Crafted with a meticulous blend of malts and the unique addition of lactose, this stout boasts a seductively creamy sweetness and a voluptuously full body. Its velvety texture caresses your palate, harmoniously balancing rich maltiness with a robust alcohol warmth, perfect for bracing against the chill of winter in the frozen tundra.


Stout Milk/Sweet







glass / tasting & parings:

To fully appreciate its complexity, serve this exquisite stout in a snifter or tulip glass. These glasses enhance the aromatic profile and allow the beer to breathe, revealing its layered flavors. Elevate your experience with pairings that complement its richness. Try it with: Decadent desserts like chocolate lava cake or creamy cheesecake, where its creamy sweetness creates a symphony of flavors. Savory dishes like grilled steak or smoked brisket, where its robust profile cuts through the richness of the meat. Artisanal cheeses like aged cheddar or gorgonzola, offering a delightful contrast between creamy and sharp notes. Savor each sip of Stillmank Milk Stout, a luxurious escape from the ordinary, perfect for cozy evenings and gourmet pairings."