Tammy C.

Position (What is your title, and what would you say is your unofficial role)? 
"Beer Slinger, Taproom Guru, Help out wherever they need me."

Favorite Stillmank beer? 
"If I had to pick one..... Perky Porter - or if we are talking barrel aged beer, tequila barrel aged IPA." 

Favorite non-Stillmank beer? 
"Not sure I have a favorite... I like the dark beers and brown ales (Widow Maker or Snow Pilot come to mind)."

Year started working with the company? 
"April, 2015"
What is your guilty pleasure movie? 
"I grew up with my mom loving westerns... I would have to say I do like a good John Wayne western." 

What living celebrity would you most like to serve in the tap room? 
"This is a tough one.  There are so many people that I would like to meet let alone, serve a beer to. Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, Ken Jeong, Jimmy Fallon,... my list could go on and on.  I'd definitely pick someone who would make me laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine, after all."

What is your favorite dessert? 
"Hands down....Lemon meringue pie."

What is your favorite cheese? 
"I would have to say (a new found love) Baby Colby, it's a must try!"

Which drinking game are/were you really bad at? 
"Flip Cup....I lose every. single. time."